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It’s all about the experience…and we want your employees to have an awesome one! We’re constantly enhancing our platform with meaningful perks to make sure your employees are always “wowed!”

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Meaningful Perks Await You

Live & Explore

Members-only access to highly discounted hotel rates

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Gift & Chip In to Colleages

Colleagues can now share in special moments by easily sending amazing gifts to each other!

Group & Private Activities

Whether looking for a weekend activity with the family or an outing with friends, your employees will have plenty of options when in comes to our awesome experiences

Instant Price Comparison

We want your employees’ hard-earned dollars to go a long way…with that in mind, we help them make informed purchases with instant price comparisons

Over 10.000 Properties

Finding the right hotel at the right price has never been so accessible… rates discounted as much as 25%, your employees won't have to settle for less than they deserve!

Exclusive Discounts


Whether your employees are looking to take the first step or ready for something more, Breathe™ allows for accessible and attainable ways to reach their individual goals, find ways to refresh, or just get a massage after work!

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Lifestyle Spending Account

  • Reward Employees Instantly

    Easily fund individual employee Lifestyle Spending Accounts at your discretion.

  • Create Incentive Challenges by Setting Goals

    Create challenges by department, location, or even for your entire organization…there’s no limit to your creativity with these challenges!

  • Intuitive Reporting

    We’ve made things easy for you…you’ll have full access to all of your KPI’s, metrics, and reporting in one spot. Want us to connect and sync with your payroll provider as well? Not a problem!

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Why Work2Live?

A meaningful platform that delivers on employee expectations

  • Employee Experience

    Deliver work-life balance in a tangible way to your employees

  • Reward & Recognize

    Immediately show your gratitude for going above and beyond

  • Company Culture

    Taking care of your people is key for any organization. Give your employees immediate accessibility to take care of themselves


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